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Web Marketing Jewels and Nuggets

by Paul Wilson

Web Marketing Jewels and Nuggets

I just realized that I haven’t published my Pubcon South 2011 notes. Due to the ever changing nature of SEO I like attending conferences like this to stay on top of things. However, I found all to often that much of what you can find on the Internet is restated in the conference. My favorite quote from this conference came when talking one-on-one to a conference speakers (who will remain anonymous). He said to me, “How do I teach people just enough without teaching them too much?”

Unfortunately, I do feel that many speakers in most web marketing conference have this same attitude. However, at Pubcon South 2011 I did find some SEO nuggets of knowledge that I will share below. Yet, the best jewel of information I can offer is that you will learn a lot more talking to the speaker face to face, than just sitting listening to their well crafted presentations of “just enough” information =).

PubCon Notes & Thoughts
I am sharing only the best notes from my time at PubCon South. Most of my notes are based around social media, since I was charged with covering this venue, while others in my party covered the SEO aspects of the conference. There are many people who I have left out (including the speaker I quoted above), due to the fact that much of what was shared in their presentation were common knowledge.

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