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6 Free SERP Tools that Actually Work!

by Paul Wilson

6 Free SERP Tools that Actually Work!

The other day a friend asked if I knew any great SEO SERP tools that were free (serp is an acronymn for search engine ranking position). Personally, I feel the paid tools Moz offers do a great job in this area, but I understand that when you start out in SEO you often don’t have the luxury of paying for the many paid tools out there.

My friend’s biggest frustration was that when he did a search in Google all the tools he tried didn’t work. A lot of these websites can’t sustain their tools since they are free. It actually takes real resources to crawl the engines and return results. If a SERP tool pings the engines too often their IP is banned for a day. Get banned too many times and you can count on being permanently locked out.

So, you can see why finding a decent free SERP tool can be difficult. I love the challenge of finding free resources to help people in their SEO quest and hopefully my research from these efforts can help others. Therefore, below are the different tools I found that actually worked. I haven’t used most of them more than once or twice so my feedback is limited. Yet, the one thing I can guarantee is that they will show you your SERPS and that they are free (at least at the time of writing this).

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