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How File Injection Attacks Hurt Search Rankings & How to Overcome it

by Dr. Matthew Memmott

How File Injection Attacks Hurt Search Rankings & How to Overcome it

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Dr. Matthew Memmott, a nuclear scientist by day and web marketer by night, whose post is on the hard lessons he learned on fixing a website after it has been hacked.

I had been complacent. I’d been hearing horror stories for nearly two years about the problems with having a website hacked. For as long as I’ve been dabbling in Internet marketing, I was warned time and again that my websites were under constant threat from some unknown villain just waiting to get into my files. Nothing had happened for 2 years, and I figured that nothing really WOULD happen, but I was wrong, and it was a costly misstep. I’m primarily writing this as a warning about what to look for, and what you can do to minimize the time that your website spends at the bottom of the rankings after being hacked.

I have been working with a WordPress site that specializes in online colleges and universities for a couple of years. Since the beginning of this year, I’d been enjoying a rank of 3 or higher on my primary keywords, and life was good. However, a little under a month ago, I noticed that my website dropped to about 30 in the Google rankings for my primary keyword. In addition, a Google search for any keyword showed the website with dramatically decreased rankings, followed by a link that read “this site may be compromised,” as seen below.

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