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If you would like to add some web marketing tools to the list please contact me. Please note that I am only interested in completely free tools. I believe that free does not mean you get a free trial. Either it’s completely free, or it doesn’t make the list. Enjoy! ~Paul W.

Google Analytics – I actually found this plugin a few weeks ago, and implemented it into my blog. It’s quite nice because it automatically generates your tracking code for every post you create. Before installing Google Analytics I used the BAStats and found it to be buggy and rather inaccurate. So far I have been quited please with Google Analytics. However, there are many of you out there that prefer that Google doesn’t know your stats. I am told that HitWise provides a good analytics package.

Keyword Density – Last week I found a tool that spidered your site and came back with your keyword density. However, it had one major drawback—it only showed single words. Having a tool that shows keyword density on single words AND phrases would be quite helpful. Therefore, I was excited when I found such a tool at There is one glitch that I am not quite sure how to get past. When I did a query for this blog I found that the number 8217 showed at the top of all my lists. In case you are wondering the number 8217 is computer language for apostrophe. Yet, it’s not such a glitch that I wouldn’t use the tool. Bonus: Listen to their Internet Marketing Song Anchored Text: Internet Marketing Services

Keyword Suggestions – As you might have guessed from the last few SEO Fridays’ I do a lot of keyword analysis reports. Truly, if I can find tools that make this job quicker I am all for it. One site that is extremely helpful is From their site: “This is a free and unique keyword suggestion tool. Its helps you determine which keywords to focus on. Focusing on highly search keywords with low competition is always the best market strategy. This tool was created to help website understand their market. Its helpful to those who focus on search engine optimization or Google Adwords, or simply both.” Enjoy! Anchored Text: Free Keyword Position Reports – Ryan at once again directs us to another invaluable SEO tool. At SEOMoz is an in depth page on search ranking factors. What makes this page amazing is that SEOMoz has reached out to all the SEO masters and aggregated their advice. You are able to see what really is important to those who actually succeed at Internet marketing. Link Gratitude: Utah SEO – If you are a newbie at Internet marketing, or need to brush up on your SEO you need to check out Aaron Wall’s book on SEO. Aaron truly is the leading authority on anything search engine. Also, he offers some great tools that you should checkout. I really like his keyword tools, but really he has too many tools for me to highlight just one. If you want to become a master follow Aaron’s advice and use his tools and you will see serious success. Link Gratitude: Free SEO Tools – A very cool tool. On the site they say this is “a simple utility” wrote in house for some testing but there are some key things I really like about it. However, what I like most is that it shows the keyword density of your site. When I did MyMarketer it showed that my top keyword was “your.” Obviously this is something I am going to need to change. Yet, unfortunately, the software isn’t complex enough to show combination of words. Still definitely something to look at. Link Gratitude: Search Engine

SEO Presentation – I’ve attached a power point presentation from Google engineer Matt Cutts. Matt’s presentation is decent and offers some great suggestions on how to better SEO your blog. I wish I could find the audio or video. If anyone has suggestions let me know.

Page Rank Table – This was sent to me from my friend at I am not sure where he got it from, but it makes for interesting conversation. I was recently discussing with another friend on whether Google’s page ranking is more a vanity tool now than what it was originally designed for. Either way, I’ve learned to never second guess the Google gods. If they are still using it, I will also.


Backlink Builder – Ryan at (this is a Utah SEO company) showed me this gem. Basically, this tool, by, is a great resource in finding sites using certain keywords that allow you to submit your site. If you are doing link campaign this is a must!

Backlink BuilderEnter Keyword (Theme)

Number of Results per Category Display – This site has a google page rank of 6 and I can see why. They have a great page on page ranking tools that I’ve found invaluable. They also have a free SEO tools page that is amazing. Here’s the tools you find on this page: – This is a real estate blog company, but it is also a good site for blogging and marketing tips in general. Lately, a friend of mine and I have been very keen on the subject of building back links. There is a really good post on back linking, it’s a bit antiquated (almost a year old), but I still found some very good information on the subject. – What’s the point of building a back link campaign if you don’t have a way to track it. I really like this site, because it will show you every site that links to your site—even if you have thousands of links. Pretty impressive, huh! I also like it because it shows you if the sites have nofollows or other little nuances you should know about.

Google vs Yahoo – I actually am surprised that this is the first time I’ve highlighted anything from I honestly don’t know any SEO website that offers more free tools than these guys. Here’s a tool that I really like of theirs. Basically, what it does is offer you a visual on how keywords rank with Google and Yahoo. They do a good job connecting the dots ūüėČ. Anchored Text: SEO Tools

Keyword Research – I know that I have inundated you with keyword research tools. I also know that I have shared quite a bit of Aaron Wall’s tools. However, when a tool is this good it must be shared. I actually found it after my business partner installed a firefox plugin on my laptop that shows you what people are paying for PPC. That’s another really cool tool but I don’t know where you go to download it (you want to help us out here Janet). Anchored Text: SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEO Tools – I almost didn’t add this tool to the today’s list, due to the excessive ad clutter all over the website. However, they had so many simple but useful tools that it’s worth going to the site and blocking out the page garbage (tip: all tools are found beneath the fold). Anchored Text: SEO Tools

URL Rewriting – Another great tool from webconfs. This tool helps you convert dynamic URLs into static looking html URLs. There takes some tweaking to your linux server, but this really could be useful to some sites. Anchored Text: Create Search Engine Friendly URLs

Page Analysis – This webpage analyzer reads the page you specify, and then put it through a few basic tests to see if the page qualifies as ‘search-engine-friendly’ for the keyword phrase specified. This is a real simple test, but often I will over look the simple stuff when optimizing my sites. Anchored Text: Webmaster Toolkit

Cheap Logos – This isn’t a SEO or Internet marketing tool, but I found this site when I was going through the 100 domains this morning. This site does logos for $25, and I thought I was getting a good deal for $40 a logo! Anchored Text: Custom Logo Designs